RhythmicCircle Visualizer

2010. 3. 23. 11:33

RhythmicCircle Visualizer


RCVisualizer is a real-time audio visualization application that uses your iPhone's microphone to create interactive animations. Beautiful graphics move, change, and react automatically to incoming sounds. Originally developed for Mac in 1997 and its engine was used for VJ software called FUSE in 1999, RC(RhythmicCircle) has been upgraded for a new generation of iPhone users!


- iPhone only, Because the iPod Touch has no microphone.
- For the 2nd generation iPod Touch earphones with mic (iPhone Apple stereo Headset) are required.
- RCVisualizer cannot be used for music played by iPod because of the iPod specification.
- Not support video output because of the iPhone specification.


- 10 types of motion patterns.
- 7 image shapes.
- 4 levels of Auto Changing Mode plus hold.
- 8 levels of microphone input.
- Sleep mode ON/OFF.


- Start application
- Tapping on the screen opens the preference window. From the preference window you may:
-- Select motion patterns and image shapes (choose as many as you like).
-- Set microphone levels.
-- Adjust Auto Changing Mode.
-- Toggle Sleep Mode on or off.
- Close the preference window with the button on the lower-right corner of the screen.


VJ 소프트웨어인 FUSE를 만들었던 곳에서 새로운 업버젼의 IPHONE용 비쥬얼라이저를 내놓았군요

VJ인 저로써 굉장 즐거운 일이 아닐수 없네요. 와우~! 라이트 버젼은 무료이니 한번 받아봐야겠군요.


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